Who We Are


HGO aims to create sustainable change and nurture hope in people’s lives through community-based programs focusing on Learning and Development, promoting self-support mutual groups, and resource mobilization to accompany the transformational journey.


Empowered and inclusive rural community development that promote dignity and Hope in the less privileged families.


  • Transformative action: Hope Growers commits to a positive mindset change of the less privileged in the community it intervenes;
  •  Early-Fostered Confidence: At Hope Growers we believe in early Childhood development that provides a solid foundation to further learning at Schools and shape a bright future;
  • Participative Advancement: effective community-based programs starts by active involvement of the community in assessing their problems/needs and proposing solutions that are turned into projects for which resources are mobilized;
  • Innovation:  Hope Growers organization believes in unconventional ways of bringing solutions to identified community challenges and needs

HOPE Growers is established to strive for a remarkable impact on the people and communities in which it works through a holistic approach to developmental activities, collaboration with social economic actors/ stakeholders present in the community, and a firm commitment to creating positive change that leads to a Rwanda we can all be proud of.

We believe that mindset change for the less privileged in rural areas, is the key driver to improved life and a powerful force to make a breakthrough from the hopeless situation of poverty to a brighter life with a fulfilled hope for the present and the future.

Our pilot phase starts in Nyarubuye Cell, Fumbwe Sector, Rwamagana District in the Eastern Provence of Rwanda. Pilot Activities include early Childhood Education; Resources Mobilization to support Beneficiaries in developing Income Generating Activities that open up possibilities to grow individually and create a lasting impact on the broader neighborhood.

How you can partner with us:

  • Sponsor a Child – monthly support to enable a child to attend our ECD Centre (details at the link)
  • Donations of educational toys and books